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So as to achieve its goal, “D.N. NIKOLIS S.A.” uses four basic guidelines: time, cost, quality and safety. Our technically experienced staff and personnel ensures the completion of each project, within the time schedule, constantly monitoring the progress during all different phases of construction.

In each project we undertake, we consider all technological developments and new materials, while keeping our high quality standards and following the time schedule and budget.

Furthermore, we always take into consideration the environmental and sociological issues related to our projects.


We are also involved in the construction of private work on behalf of another party as a general contractor. The construction work is accomplished by our subcontractors, most of them are solely used from our company. We can offer our customers integrate services, beginning from the design of the project by a team of experienced engineers (architects, structural, environmental, mechanical and electrical), and ending with the completion of the project, ready for use.

Our fundamental goal as general contractors is the full comprehension of the needs of our customers. We establish relationships based on mutual trust. We help our customers understand time and cost issues related to the project, making sure that they will not have any unpleasant surprises in the future.

At the same time, we always follow our high quality standards and all necessary safety rules.


We support our customers in their search to finance their projects, by providing them with different options offered by the biggest and most prestigious financing corporations and banks in Greece, due to our long-lasting collaboration with them.

We provide different options for different customers, depending on their needs, while trying to achieve:

  • The most favourable interest-rate for the customer in combination with the amount of financing.
  • The most simplified way trying to avoid time consuming procedures.

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